About Deva Laya...

Since I was a little girl, I have loved singing. I dreamt about sharing my voice and music with other people. I remember that one of the characteristics in my dreams was that the music should be "something different", not regular pop music. I wanted to share something that could make a change.

For a short time, I took lessons in playing organ and piano, but my patience was not the best... For many, many years it all still was a dream for me to be able to share music and singing with other people... Until I found the Crystal Sound Bowls and realized how strong the connection was between me and these high frequency instruments.

Now this sharing is the best thing I do – surrounded in pure energies, being a channel for the vibration of healing.


New Years eve 2003 I recieved my name Deva Laya. I chose to become an apprentice of Life. As I grew with the name, new layers of meaning arose from it. Corious of its meaning? You'll find some of it here

In Light & Love,

Deva Laya