Deva Laya

Given to me in 2003
Deva means divine and Laya means absorbed - utterly absorbed in the divine, and that has to be the very key you work upon. Start feeling that you are one with existence, start dropping your boundaries - and you will be able to do it. You have a very strong energy, it will be very easy to do. Don't think that the boundary of your body is your boundary - it is not. It is just a concept, and if we think that we are bounded by the body, then we are bounded by the body. Everything is born in the beginning just as an idea, then it becomes reality. Start thinking of yourself as the whole universe. It will look crazy in the beginning, but soon you will understand that that is the only sane viewpoint.

Later this meaning came to me when searching around for different names, which is magical since music is what has taken more and more place in my life;
In Indian it is thought to relate to a musical word, and therefore has the meaning of ‘Music’ or ‘Rhythm’.

So let divine  music flow through my heart <3